Tokyo Commute Nov 2017Coming down the stairs of my station, I won’t be taking the next two trains home, again…


Coming from, and going to work.


Although the Japanese cherry blossom Sakura is the most famous, the Japanese plum (梅) blossom is always stunning because its happening in full winter. Often occurring right after new year, its occasionally enduring snow, with temperatures typically well below 10 degrees Celsius. Although called a plum, the fruit is closer related to apricot, and sourcing umeshu (梅酒), a sweet wine or liquor.


Adding a battery buffered realtime clock to the Beaglebone Black provides accurate time when no Internet is available. I used an Epson RX8025NB module, and connected it to I2C bus 1. Under Ubuntu 14.04 LTS a set of rtc drivers already exists, and enabling the clock was a simple command. The biggest work was to enable I2C bus 1 on pins P9-17 and 18, and for battery charge protection, soldering the tiny 2mm schottky diodes (SOD-323) into place.

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